"Mother and Child" by Mary James Ketch

$1390 or 4 payments of $382.

"Mother and Child", Large 24x30 acrylic painting

  • "Mother and Child" is a spare and dramatic image that recalls the early days of motherhood. A complex piece, it embraces the many facets of the relationship between mother and baby, the love of caring for an infant so connected to your body, combined with the disconnection one often feels from the rest of the world and even one's former self.


    Part of the "Cut It Out" Series. In this series cut out images from paper to help me create my compositions and help me see the work in a new light, before ultimately painting them on canvas.


    "Mother and Child" is a large 24"x30" acrylic painting on a 2" gallery profile canvas. This piece does not need to be framed.

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