2022 Reclaim, Restore Wall Calendar

Stay inspired all year long with this 2022 wall calendar featuring art from the Reclaim, Restore Collection. Each month features artwork that celebrates the beauty and mystery of the nature. Free U.S. shipping on calendars.


January - "From Where I Sit"

February -  "Between Two Worlds"

March - "Alight"

April - "What Dreams May Come"

May - "Shimmer"

June - "Plenty"

July - "Spark"

August - "Restore"

September - "Up All Night"

October - "The Invitation"

November - "Embrace"

December - "Lush Life"

2022 Reclaim, Restore Wall Calendar

    • 11" L x 8.5" W
    • Months and Days in English, French and German
    • New moon, full moon, and quarter moons marked
    • Printed in full color
    • Double spiral with hanger
    • Made in USA