13 Things You Didn't Need to Know About Me

  1. Album currently listening to on repeat: "Collapsed in Sunbeams" by Arlo Parks.

  2. Favorite podcast: Creative Peptalk by Andy J. Pizza

  3. Speaking of pizza, favorite pizza: The Capone on cauliflower crust from Hideaway Pizza. Fight me.

  4. Favorite bookstore: Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City

  5. Favorite painting tool: Murphy's oil soap

  6. Favorite everyday pen: Energel by Pentel

  7. Age: Timeless

  8. Lucky number: 13

  9. Quick to do: laugh

  10. Favorite emoji: Jazz hands

  11. Favorite perfume: No. 31 by Arquiste

  12. Hobby: going off on tangents

  13. Favorite childhood book: The Secret Garden (says a lot about my current life, I think.)

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