What does "Artist Retains Copyright" Mean?

It means when you buy the artwork, you get to enjoy the painting, but you may not make reporoductions of it and sell them. However, I retain that right, unless you wish to buy the copyright. It also means that if the artwork is shown in a magazine, I should be credited as the artist.

I'd like to see an original piece of artwork in person. Can I come to your studio?

Absolutely! Just let me know which piece or pieces you are interested in and we will arrange a time. Contact me at

I love this piece, but I'm not sure if it would work in my space. What do you think?

If you live in the greater Oklahoma City area, I can arrange to loan a piece for you for a few days to make sure it works for you. Contact me at

What if I want a different frame?

Feel free to get your painting reframed. I just want people able to immediately hang up their painting and enjoy it right away. If the painting is framed, the price of the frame is included and will not be deducted.