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Dreamer. Painter. Mother. Lover of personality tests (ENFJ, Enneagram 4x3, Gryffindor). Reader. Quoter of quotes. Mystic. Patron Saint: Mary Oliver. One-time filmmaker. Sometimes celebrant (I marry people). Wife. Lover of love. Unabashed romantic. Excellent dancer (ahem). Even better sloth. Oklahoman. American. Citizen of the world.

Here's the Official One

Mary James Ketch is a contemporary American artist. Her narrative paintings are a visual distillation of scenes of everyday life, in which the figures seem to inhabit a lyrical, dream-like world. She draws on memories from childhood, family life, and the surrounding landscape. Ketch attended the University of Oklahoma before receiving her M.F.A. from the University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her husband and three children.

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