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©2019 by Mary James Ketch.


Artist and painter

Mary James Ketch received her BA from the University of Oklahoma, and MFA from the University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television. Her paintings and artwork can be seen at West Elm, Minted, and Saatchi Art. An unabashed lover of design and beautiful things, Mary lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her 3 children and architect husband, David.

My favorite thing to paint is the beauty of the human spirit, and I am attracted to it all--the vulnerability, the strength, the soaring, the stumbling.

I want to honor it all. And I want to honor you. Sometimes we all need a reminder of the beauty inside of us.

I believe what our surroundings affect how we feel--from the color on the wall to the people in the room. That's why I believe you should surround yourself with things you love.

Mary James Ketch