The wind, the wind

With gusts as high as...
— Hysterical Newscaster

I once heard a woman say she loved the wind. Once. The rest of us go around muttering, "the wind, the wind" as if we are about to cut an ear off before heading into the nearest shelter. But there is no doubt about it--the wind is as much a part of the landscape in Oklahoma as the ocean or mountains in other parts of the world. So, I've decided to explore it. Maybe even celebrate it. 

Windswept Lovers oil on linen 16" x 20" Prints now available

Blown Away oil on canvas 12" x 12" prints now available.

So, tie back that hair and anchor down the patio furniture because Hysterical Newscaster Season is upon us.  And if you have a good wind story let me know. 

Much love, Mary

P.S. I'm showing a few pieces with the lovely women of Fringe at Graphite Gallery in the month of April. Opening reception is Saturday April 9th from 7-11. Graphite Gallery is located in the OKC Plaza District at 1751 NW 16th Street.